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BeDimensional makes new material solutions based on flakes of two-dimensional crystals, which are produced at the industrial scale. We develop novel tailored materials and smart coatings with enhanced performances while reducing the environmental impact and improving sustainability.

Our technologies are enabled by the production of flakes of graphene and other two-dimensional crystals having unprecedented control on crystal quality and thickness with atomic resolution.

By accessing the two-dimensional nature of exfoliated crystals, we create specialties able to innovate industrial processes and to foster a sustainable development, to which we are glad to dedicate all our knowledge.

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Our Company History

Integrity, ownership competence and gratitude are part of our DNA.

BeDimensional was born in 2016 after 10 years of research work of two established scholars: Vittorio Pellegrini and Francesco Bonaccorso. It was founded on March 8th as a spin-off of the Graphene Labs at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT). IIT Graphene Labs was created in 2013 and directed by Vittorio Pellegrini until 2020 with the mission of developing a new class of smart materials based on graphene and other 2D layered materials. On April 1st 2020, Vittorio Pellegrini and Francesco Bonaccorso have joined BeDimensional as full time researchers.

BeDimensional is one of the start-ups created thanks to the innovative environment of the Graphene Flagship European project. BeDimensional twofold purpose is, on one hand, the implementation of an industrial production of few-layers graphene and other two-dimensional (2D) crystals, based on a patented technology developed in IIT; on the other hand, the commercialization of tailor-made 2D crystal-based solutions.



Mission & vision

We develop unique and customized material solutions to enable new technologies. This ability is based on a unique process of making graphene and other two-dimensional crystals at the industrial scale. We are able to produce a variety of materials with atomic thickness (few atomic layers), maintaining the higher crystal quality (no crystal defects and no contaminations). That’s the mission we accomplish by modifying materials through the use of our two-dimensional crystals and by applying our acquired expertise with the scientific method.

Our three forces

Business Units

Technology (R&D)

The core of our technology is pillared around a patented methodology for the production of high quality, i.e., few-layers-thick, two-dimensional (2D) materials in both liquid dispersions and powders form.

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  • Technology (R&D)
  • Production

    Our process to produce few-layers-thick 2D materials by a continuous process of exfoliation of graphite and other layered crystals in liquid. We are able to produce 2D materials, with on-demand morphological properties, i.e., lateral size and thickness, both in dispersions or in powder form. 

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  • Production
  • Applications

    We at BeDimensional, believe that by developing technologies enabled by using 2D materials, we can contribute to protect the planet from degradation, yielding sustainable consumption and production, and leading to sustainably managing of natural resources.

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  • Applications
    • BeDimensional People

      Meet the team

      We have academic, industrial and management skills, we come from all around the world. We are glocal.
      Our R&D team is composed by roughly 20 people with multidisciplinary expertise.
      The production team, composed by four people,  runs the production pilot line of two-dimensional materials.


      Collaboration & Partners

      BeDimensional develops innovative applications based on two-dimensional crystals exploring research collaborations with academic institutions worldwide.

      The updated published scientific results can be found here.

      BeDimensional is a partner of the European Graphene Flagship and it coordinates the activities of Workpackage 12 Energy Storage.

      BeDimensional has a joint collaborative research agreement with Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.

      Main institutional projects:
      Graphene flagship | Sensibatt battery 2030+ | Mise

      Main industrial projects:

      To be disclosed soon.

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      Ready to accept the challenge?

      Innovation is part of our core values and we are always interested in hearing from new talented individuals; we encourage new ideas whether they are big or small.

      How to reach us


      Phone: (+39) 010 2364170


      Lungotorrente Secca, 3D
      16163 Genova
      (GE) – Italia

      Pilot Plant:

      Via Albisola, 79
      16163 Genova
      (GE) – Italia