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We believe in sustainability

We use our portfolio of 2D materials to create technologies for a sustainable and clean future.

We at BeDimensional, believe that by developing technologies enabled by using 2D materials, we can contribute protecting the planet from degradation, yielding sustainable consumption and production, and leading to sustainably managing of natural resources.

With the ability of producing a wide range of 2D materials and transforming them into innovative solutions with properties tailored by design, we have the ambitious target of fulfilling the mission to support the needs of the present and future generations with an unique sustainable approach that was not possible before the 2D materials era.

2D materials lead to new opportunities for batteries and supercapacitors and they allow for the realization of liquid dispersion with lubricant behavior, of functional coatings and smart lightweight thermoplastic components.

We focus on three application fields:


BeDimensional has developed a silicon-graphene composite as a new anodic materials for Li-ion batteries in collaboration with VARTA Microiinovation and IIT and with the support of the Graphene Flagship project.
The newly developed graphene-enabled batteries withstand over 300 cycles and have capacities that are 30% higher than any currently available alternative. BeDimensional is now working to realize an automotive battery module based on this material technology.

In collaboration with ENEL GP and IIT, BeD researchers have developed graphene-based electrically conductive adhesives able to solve major technical problems in the field of photovoltaic and other energy-related applications.
The technology provides metal-free and low-temperature (< 100 °C, including room temperature) processable adhesives displaying the mechanical properties commonly exhibited by commercial (Ag-based) electrically conductive adhesives and showing high electrical conductivity (> 1000 S m-1), or low electrical resistivity (< 0. 1 Ω cm-1) to avoid resistive energy losses.

Coatings and lubricants

BeDimensional produces electrically insulating and thermally-conductive pastes that can be deposited to any substrates including metallic surfaces and with anti-corrosion properties.

Water/air purification

In collaboration with IIT, CNR and Fondazione Banca del Monte, BeDimensional researches makes engineered graphene polymeric membranes for desalination based on membrane distillation, able to offer amplified trans-membrane fluxes and a full NaCl rejection.

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