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Partnership is a key for growth

BeDimensional develops innovative applications based on two-dimensional crystals exploting research collaborations with academic partners, research institutions and industries.

BeDimensional is a partner of the European Graphene Flagship and it coordinates the activities of Workpackage 12 Energy Storage.

BeDimensional has a joint collaborative research agreeemnt with Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.

Main institutional collaborations and projects:

Graphene flagship | Sensibatt battery 2030+ | Mise


Main industrial partners:

To be disclosed soon.

How to reach us


Phone: (+39) 010 2364170


Via Lungo Torrente Secca, 30R
16163 Genova
(GE) – Italia

Pilot Plant:

Via Albisola, 79
16163 Genova
(GE) – Italia