Grapheland: bridging the future

“BeDimensional® for Genoa/ bridging the future” Two young Genoese artists (Carola Zerbone, illustrator – but not only – and Filippo Odone, motion designer – , one of his videos is now in NY., in Times Square) were engaged by BeDimensional – a spin-off of the Italian Institute of Technology – to produce Grapheland – a 3-minute cartoon dedicated to graphene, the “Wonder material”, industrialized by BeDimensional.

The release of the cartoon is highly symbolic: BeDimensional is located in the valley of the former Morandi bridge and, even so, aims to give a tribute to the city that hosts it, to the pain that hurt it, to a new hope expressed in the animated video through a significant claim, greeting San Giorgio bridge: “BeDimensional for Genoa/ bridging the future”.

Making the Polcevera Valley a valley of innovation and future, in sustainability, is part of the commitment of BeDimensional and Pellan Italia, the group of companies that believed in BeDimensional’s graphene, investing in 2019, with its President, Carlotta Pignatti Costamagna, 18 million Euros (third highest Italian investment by a start-up).

New next, the realm of sustainability. The cartoon has a mainly didactic purpose, a simple narrative structure: it all begins with an image of the San Giorgio bridge, then the camera zooms in on a house interior (…a flag of Genoa is waving outside), thus from here starts the history of graphene. A scientist-professor illustrates its discovery and applications in a TV broadcast. Among the home audience, a dog – a French mastiff named Bluri (hence the subtitle of the cartoon, Bluri’s dream) – falls asleep during the storytelling and starts dreaming. Bluri has a blanket (the Linus’ one?) with hexagonal-shaped printings recalling the graphene’s structure… In the dream, the blanket turns into a cape that brings Bluri to meet Graphiman: a super-hero who shows Bluri the wonders of his “new world” Grapheland and the many applications of graphene, from solar panels, to the water desalination system, up to the batteries and…. At this point the dream is interrupted and Bluri wakes up next to his owner, staring at the girl with promises of new values. The new next could finally become the realm of sustainability.

About BeDimensional: BeDimensional ( was born in 2016 after 10 years of research work of two established scholars: Vittorio Pellegrini and Francesco Bonaccorso. It was funded on March 8th as a spin-off of the Graphene Labs at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT). IIT Graphene Labs was created in 2013 and run by Vittorio Pellegrini until 2020 with the mission of developing a new class of smart materials based on graphene and other 2D layered materials. On April 1st 2020, Vittorio Pellegrini and Francesco Bonaccorso have joined BeDimensional as full time researchers. BeDimensional is one of the start-ups created also thanks to the innovative environment of the Graphene Flagship European project and now is part of Graphene Flagship (

BeDimensional twofold purpose is, on one hand, the implementation of an industrial production of few-layers graphene and other two-dimensional (2D) crystals, based on a patented technology developed in IIT; on the other hand, the commercialisation of tailor-made 2D crystal-based solutions.

Bedimensional is part of Pellan Italia (, parent company of a group of Italian and foreign companies founded on 31 December 2014. It operates as a holding company of an articulated system of companies focusing on and sharing three common purposes: diversification, innovation and sustainability.

Bedimensional makes two-dimensional crystals and develops novel tailored materials and coatings with the aim of reducing environmental impact and improving sustainability. Our technology allows for the production of graphene and other two-dimensional crystals offering unprecedented control on crystal quality and thickness with atomic resolution. By accessing the two-dimensional nature of exfoliated crystals, we create technologies to foster a sustainable development, to which we are glad to dedicate all our knowledge.

“Abbiamo creduto nell’industrializzazione del grafene, il materiale delle meraviglie. E abbiamo creduto in Genova e nella sua ripresa. La valle del ponte ospitava già l’Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia: un investimento pubblico che coinvolge centinaia di ricercatori da ogni parte del mondo. E BeDimensional è un suo spin off. Pellan Italia, un gruppo lombardo di imprese diversificate (dai tessuti bio al riso bio, ai macchinari industriali) ha investito in BeDimensional 18 ml di Eu nel 2019, il terzo investimento italiano in una start up. Non credo si potesse dare una migliore dimostrazione di fiducia nella ripresa della città e del suo futuro”

Alessandro Morini, Presidente di BeDimensional

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