Luigi Attanasio, President of Camera di Commercio di Genova, today visiting the new BeDimensional headquarters

A few days after the transfer of BeDimensional to the new building of Lungotorrente Secca n ° 30r, Andrea Gamucci, Vittorio Pellegrini and Francesco Bonaccorso (respectively CTO, CIO and Scientific Director of BeDimensional) received a visit from the President of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Luigi Athanasius.

Having recently completed the transfer of the Joint lab with IIT, BeDimensional is moving towards a full-scale restart that engages more than 30 personnel from many regions of the world in research on two-dimensional materials and their industrialization.

The visit of Attanasio, an entrepreneur engaged in research and innovation, confirms the attention and sensitivity of the Genoese and Ligurian institutions for the path of BeDimensional and its prospects.

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