Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Change this changing future

Changing the world can be as easy as fulfilling. But to do that you must have a great deal of curiosity. And this is the only way greatest innovations, cutting-edge solutions, revolutionary materials for industry and the energy sector, are born: under the creative impulse of imagination. That is why we finally glimpse/see that new world we would like to live in tomorrow.

But at the company now, our work-commitment is also taking, day after day, new and different obligations: towards an ever-changing future that changes us.
Towards a Planet we are consuming. World and future, two words only, only one and sustainable destiny, to which we are glad to dedicate all our knowledge to take us beyond the borders of today’s technology.

Our Mission

Innovating the industrial processes and creating new performing solutions

We design and develop new material solutions aiming at creating innovative industrial processes leading to revolutionary products.
We offer unique and custom solutions to improve and innovate the performance of our clients’ products: that’s the mission we accomplish by modifying materials through the use of our two-dimensional crystals and by applying our acquired expertise with the scientific method.
Our ambition to accomplish this mission is supported by our capability to produce graphene and other two-dimensional crystals maintaining high purity and atomic thickness on an industrial scale.

A new class of specialties

Innovative processes and solutions to be integrated within available manufacturing methods to introduce two-dimensional materials in inks, pastes, paints, lubricants, coatings and composites produced on a large scale.

The research carried out in the IIT Graphene Labs has demonstrated unique properties of such new class of materials – particularly in the fields of applications, energy and smart coatings -, revealing a crucial link between the final properties of the solutions and the degree of exfoliation of the materials and their crystal purity.

Studies and researches

BeDimensional originates from IIT Graphene Labs and the european Graphene Flagship.

Our studies and researches showed that we can produce few-layers two-dimensional materials by a continuous process of exfoliation in liquid.

The integration of these few-layers crystals into specific liquid dispersions and polymeric matrixes brings significant benefits. Such studies, leading to more than 100 peer-reviewed publications in high impact-factor scientific journals (in the period 2013 -2020) and to several patents too, have been carried out within the framework of the European Flagship programme on graphene.

Founders of BeDimensional still play a leading role in the European flagship.

Innovation and sustainability

Research and industry enclose our footprint

Research and industry enclose the two souls and the original footprint of BeDimensional, its branding and a real point of leverage for this young company.

With the entry and the investment of Pellan Italia (2019, the third Italian investment in a start-up) BeDimensonal joined an industrial group of companies characterized by a strong propensity to innovation for sustainability.

Under the banner of SustainItaly, BeDimensional becomes a participant and protagonist of that virtuous circle of interaction – regarding process and product – which represents the distinguishing feature of the Pellan Italia industrial Group.

We never stop

BeDimensional represents a pride of Italian research and a vanguard of the national industry of new materials.

How to reach us


Email: info@bedimensional.it
Phone: (+39) 010 2364170

Sede Legale e Uffici:

Lungotorrente Secca, 3D
16163 Genova
(GE) – Italia

Sede Operativa:

Via Albisola, 79
16163 Genova
(GE) – Italia