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Patented methodology for the production of two-dimensional materials with truly atomic thickness and high crystal quality.

We develop 2D-based solutions exploiting a scientific know-how acquired after many years of research in universities and research institutions around the world.

BeDimensional is a partner of the European Graphene Flagship and it coordinates the activities of Workpackage 12 Energy Storage.

The core of our technology is pillared around a patented methodology for the production few-layers-thick, two-dimensional (2D) materials of high crystal quality, in both liquid dispersions and powders form.

We have the ability to formulate functional inks and paints, smart coatings, pastes containing 2D materials with tunable electrical, thermal and barrier performances and rheological properties set by design.
We have the ambition to bring our technologies into industrially relevant, inexpensive, reliable printing/coating processes and create a new portfolio of environmentally-friendly pastes and paints to yield a new level of smartness to surfaces.

Additionally, we have developed proprietary methods of integration of such few- layers crystals into polymeric matrixes or into other materials to bring significant benefits for specific applications.

We develop composites to be used in batteries and supercapacitors and we produce a few thermoplastic composites with improved thermal and mechanical performances.

How to reach us


Phone: (+39) 010 2364170


Via Lungo Torrente Secca, 30R
16163 Genova
(GE) – Italia

Pilot Plant:

Via Albisola, 79
16163 Genova
(GE) – Italia