The BeDimensional House
The BH

Air of change

BeDimensional is building its new home

The place where technology will explore a new dimension.

The BH will be located in Genova, in the Morego valley, a few minutes after the A7 highway exit of Genova Bolzaneto and few hundreds meters from the Italian Institute of Technology.

The BH is composed of four layers, 1000 square meters each.

The first layer will be the home of our industrial production unit. The fourth layer will be the home of our R&D labs. Two intermediate layers will be ready for further scaling up.

The timeline

How to reach us


Phone: (+39) 010 2364170


Lungotorrente Secca, 3D
16163 Genova
(GE) – Italia

Pilot Plant:

Via Albisola, 79
16163 Genova
(GE) – Italia